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Counselling - FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

When you arrive as a couple, before we can rebuild or repair your relationship, I need to understand how you got to where you are. So the first session is about this and asking each of you what it is you have come for. Each couple has different needs and motivations for why they are coming for counselling. Therefore I work specifically with your expectations and tailor a plan to meet your situation.

It is similar for individual counselling. Here there is space for you as an individual within the safety of the counselling boundaries. It is a space for you to begin to understand with greater clarity what is happening for you. My ability to see the bigger picture and assist you with looking at different ways of dealing with difficulties helps set you free from stuck patterns and behaviours and thoughts.

A counselling session is usually an hour long, which is suitable for most individual sessions. With couple counselling, in the beginning when I am getting to know each of you, your situation and unique requirements, some sessions may require a longer time, i.e. 90 minutes. In this early phase you may need this extra time to discuss what is happening for you both. Therefore I will advise you of the optimum time necessary to explore the issues and learn the new skills you need to strengthen yourself or your  relationship.

The fee for each counselling session is dependent on the length of the session because it is based on an hourly rate. Please contact me directly to ask the current rates. Payment is required at the end of each session unless a prior arrangement has been agreed. Please feel free to discuss your specific situation with me.

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