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Counselling Central Coast
For couples and individuals

Learn how to deal with personal issues and relationship difficulties, thereby learning or re-learning how to be best friends with your partner and better friends with yourself

Counselling Central Coast. You can do this by starting a counselling relationship with me, Wendy. When you do, you are taking the brave step of admitting that you need help. It is not a sign of weakness, but of strength to say “Hey, I’m stuck. Can you help me, please?”.

Create this private space to allow me to help you understand how to deal with those difficulties that prevent you from enjoying yourself, your life or your partner. Make healthier choices that lead to a more connected and fulfilling life and closer relationships.

Counselling Central Coast

How Couple Counselling with me will help you

Maybe you are a couple struggling to adjust to the changes after a new baby and the loss of intimate space– or you realise work or children have pushed aside your relationship with your partner. Sometimes deciding not to have children, or not being able to, triggers deeper conflicts. You might be at the other end, with ageing parents that stress the relationship or with teenagers fighting your boundaries. Maybe one of you had an affair, or have an addiction that’s overwhelming the relationship. For other couples, it’s simply realising that you have ‘fallen out of love’.

Couple counselling is a space for you as a couple to explore your relationship. This allows each of you to get the support you need. This enables you to express the issues and conflicts that are stopping you feeling close, safe, and satisfied in your relationship.

How Individual Counselling with me will help you

Whatever the problem or stresses, I am able to listen carefully and enter into your perspective. Whether it’s a sudden crisis or ongoing emotional struggles, you will be supported and calmed, until you can see what you can do differently. Working with me, you can learn how to change the frustration, loneliness and isolation to confidence and an improved perspective, knowing what you need to do next to deal with what’s happening.

COVID-19 Update: Due to the need to keep safe and practice social distancing, I have been offering counselling online or over the telephone. This is proving very successful with positive feedback. Please let me know if you have concerns or queries regarding online/telephone counselling.

“Wendy has been counselling me through my husband’s stage 4 cancer diagnosis and adult sons mental health treatment. Through our phone consultations Wendy has given me the confidence to make clear and rational decisions and to create boundaries that I have needed to continue to function normally during this challenging and uncertain time. I initially was unsure about counselling via a phone call but now feel that this is just as effective as face to face counselling. I am very grateful for her support.” Michelle  (Warners Bay)

Counselling Central Coast - About your counsellor Wendy

I offer counselling to people on the Central Coast from my practice in Koolewong. You are able to access my service online, via the phone or in person. Now the need for social isolation due to the Coronavirus is passing I am resuming face to face counselling. After we connect, my job as a counsellor is to make it safe enough for you as an individual or a couple to express what is really troubling you. As a result of feeling safer, you can start to listen to yourself and discover what it is you need to do differently.

Counselling Central Coast

I have been counselling since 1996, working with individuals, couples and families. Qualified in Person Centred Counselling (training with Dave Mearns at The University of Strathclyde, Glasgow), I have extensive experience with Bioenergetics and Gestalt Therapy. Working first at the Five Seasons Health Clinic in Glasgow, UK, I returned to the Central Coast in 2000. Since then, I have been in private practice offering counselling on the Central Coast. Furthering my professional development, I completed Level 2 Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy. This Method is an excellent framework for helping couples deal with their problems.

Wendy Gibson Counselling Central Coast standing at front of her practice

Couple Counselling

In Couple Counselling we can get out in the open the issues that are stopping you from enjoying each other. Because you work these through you can recover the fun and romance and love of your relationship. Or, if you are at that point, you can explore the difficulties that make you question why you are together.
Often couples only come to counselling when they become gridlocked on issues. To deal with this, I can teach you how to have constructive conversations. Whereby you move through those stuck areas. Also I show you how to self sooth so conflicts don't escalate. Above all, I teach you how to listen to each other.
Couple counselling is also a space for couples who want to deepen their connection with each other. I can encourage you both to look at ways of growing together while supporting each of you to also grow individually.

Individual Counselling

Individual counselling is a space for you to explore what is troubling you. With my support and expertise I can help you understand how you are stuck or struggling. Leading on from this understanding, you will be able to put in place new ways of coping and dealing with difficulties. By giving yourself this time, you are able to recognise negative self defeating patterns. In short, this allows you to change your thinking and behaviour to more nourishing ways of being in the world.


Training as a professional counselling supervisor in 2013, I offer supervision to counsellors, health care providers and other members of the public requiring it. By supporting your professional well being I invite you to learn and extend your understanding of counselling and the skills needed to work in this field. By growing your reflective practice you become more aware of both yourself and the client. This ability is central to promote your self care and in supporting the client.  Bringing your whole self to supervision, with my support, you are then able to deal with your own issues as well as those of your clients. 

Client Reviews

What do people say?

"Wendy has always expressed a warm, genuine and respectful interest in me. I have confidence and find comfort in her skills as a therapist. I always feel uplifted, understood, supported and hopeful about my future after a session with Wendy."
Central Coast
"After a visit to Wendy I always feel a little lighter, like some pressure has been lifted.Life is easier now that I am becoming more aware of myself, its amazing how much there is to discover! I can't thank Wendy enough, the help she gives me and the things I've learnt have changed my life."
Gosford, Central Coast
"Wendy is a terrific supervisor. She has a wealth of experience working with people and couples and a deep understanding of mental health issues and relationship challenges which she communicates clearly and calmly. She’s a very empathic person. I trust her and feel confident that I can tell her anything and everything. And she’s also a very realistic and practical person, so she’s concerned not only about helping me develop my career and business as a professional counsellor but also to progress with my own personal development. These are the qualities I was looking for in a supervisor. I believe that the quality of my work with clients has improved significantly since Wendy and I started supervision together. "
Peter Byers MACA
Halekulani,Central Coast
"I have been seeing Wendy as a supervisor for almost three years now. I have found Wendy to be professional, sensitive, knowledgeable, caring, approachable and confident as a counsellor. Not only has Wendy assisted me with work clients, she has also supported me with personal issues too. Wendy is very welcoming from the moment you walk through the door until you leave again. I would not hesitate to recommend Wendy to anyone as a counsellor and a supervisor. Thank you, Wendy, for your support. "
Katharine Duck
Macmasters Beach, Central Coast


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